TOTE Maritime’s investment in LNG technology is making history and leading the industry for both Alaska and Puerto Rico. 


Marlin Class Vessels - Puerto Rico

TOTE LNG - 45 Stbd Stern - wake- 01-17-2014

Isla Bella

The first Marlin Vessel was launched in April 2015. The vessel was named by Paola Dominguez, a member of the Puerto Rico Boys & Girls Club with whom TOTE Maritime partnered. Paola’s name recommendation was selected from hundreds of submissions from members of the Club. For having the winning entry, Paola will be the guest of honor at Isla Bella’s inaugural arrival at the Port of San Juan and will receive a educational scholarship from TOTE Maritime.

The name Isla Bella translates to “beautiful island” in English and will serve as a reminder of the cultural and economic significance of the ships for future generations.

Perla Del Caribe

The second Marlin Class ship was launched in August 2015 and christened Perla Del Caribe which means “Pearl of the Caribbean” - another symbol of TOTE Maritime’s commitment to the islands.



Marlin Class Vessel   Principal Characteristics
Overall Length 764’
Beam 106’
Speed at 90% MCR 22 knots
Trailer Capacity 3100 TEU
Container Sizes 20’, 40’, 45’, 53’
Orca Class Vessels - Alaska

TOTE Maritime is proud to lead the industry in many environmental initiatives including plans to convert our vessels to liquefied natural gas power. Our goal is to continually seek ways to reduce our environmental impact through innovative programs, many of which stem from the ideas of our own employees.



Orca Class Vessel   Principal Characteristics
Overall Length 839’
Beam 118’
Speed at 90% MCR 24 knots
Trailer Capacity 600 TEU
Auto Capacity 220