Alaska DOT Announces Possible Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Below, is a message received by the Alaska Department of Transportation regarding upcoming road restrictions for Central Region locations. Please note, due to unanticipated earthquake damage, weight restrictions may be more severe.

You can view more details on Alaska DOT’s website. 

We will notify you when road restrictions are reinstated but will not inundate you with further emails following the first notice. We recommend you visit the DOT website noted above for future updated information or continue to check our website for easy access.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call either of the numbers below:

Leigha Ducharme, Customer Service Mgr.               (907) 265-7232

Billy Godwin, Terminal Operations Mgr.                    (907) 265-7218


Message Received from Greg Patz of Alaska Department of Transportation:

This is to advise you that we anticipate imposing seasonal weight restrictions on highways in Central Region within the next two weeks. Although the ground is still frozen, daytime temperatures are warming the asphalt. We are beginning to see signs of water pumping through the asphalt, particularly in the Homer area.

This year, due to the damage caused by the earthquake, we may need to place more severe weight restrictions on our highways than we have in the past. Although we completed temporary repairs to some of the more severely damaged road sections, we are concerned that as the embankments thaw there may be more soil subsidence and pavement stress. This could require further weight restrictions on our roads, including the Parks, Glenn, and Seward Highway.

Please remind trucking companies to check the ADOT&PF website for weight restriction updates, and contact me if you have questions.