Noteworthy Hazardous and On Deck Hazardous Cut-Off Changes

December 20, 2017

To our valued customers,

TOTE Maritime Alaska announces the following changes to current processes for all loads containing ‘On Deck’ and ‘Noteworthy’ hazardous cargo. These changes are in response to a recent vessel audit by the American Bureau of Shipping regulators which highlighted the need to complete the Dangerous Cargo Manifest 24 hours in advance of cargo operations for all loads containing ‘On Deck’ and ‘Noteworthy’ hazardous cargo.


On Deck Stowage Definition:

  • Any item that contains a C or D in the 10A column of the 49CFR.
  • Any hazard class or item specifically outlined in the TOTE Maritime Alaska policy
  • All items in hazardous classes:
    • 1.4/1.5/1.6
    • 2.3
    • 4.3 (liquids)
    • 5.1/5.2


Noteworthy Hazardous Definition:

  • See supplemental list of hazardous cargo defined as noteworthy by TOTE Maritime Alaska
  • For example, loads that are CDC, DOT Special Permit or require special stowage such as the following:
    • UN0331/ UN0332 Explosive, blasting, type B or E or Agent blasting, Type B or E
    • UN0336 Fireworks


To support this safety initiative, effective Tuesday, December 26th, 2017, the following manifesting and in-gate times will be in effect for all northbound and southbound On Deck and Noteworthy Hazardous.

Required information:

  • Booking number
  • Trailer number
  • Hazardous manifest for the entire load


For NB cargo:

For Wednesday vessels: Manifest by Tuesday 1700, in-gated to terminal Wednesday by 1800

For Friday vessels: Manifest by Thursday 1700, in-gated to terminal Friday by 1800


For SB cargo:

For Sunday vessels: Manifest by Friday 1500, in-gated to terminal Sunday by 1000

For Tuesday vessels: Manifest by Monday 1500, in-gated to terminal Tuesday by 1000


For any questions or concerns regarding hazardous, please reach out to the following:

NB Hazardous: or 253.449.2111

SB Hazardous: or 907.265.7255