Trade Notification – Changes to Gate Process at Tacoma Terminal


Due to recent developments with COVID-19, TOTE Maritime Alaska will no longer be accepting physical paperwork at the Tacoma terminal. Thank you in advance for your compliance.

Please follow these tips to ensure the smoothest possible gate transactions:

  • Please provide updates at least 45 mins prior to driver arrival. (trailer numbers, temps, KFF, Hot Stow, etc.) as well as copies of paperwork provided (BOL/Haz manifest) to the driver
  • Upon receiving hazardous approval, please wait 20 minutes prior to gate arrival
  • Drivers will arrive at the gate and will still pick up the phone to check in, however driver needs to retain paperwork while in the lanes
  • Drivers need to provide information on paperwork to longshore – booking number, trailer, as well as temp, haz, KFF, Hot Stow if applicable
  • Drivers need to advise if they will need a load or empty out
  • Drivers need to leave their paperwork in the basket in the trouble room
  • If the gate clerk needs to verify something on the paperwork, the driver will proceed to the trouble lane with retained paperwork to be shown to the Longshore and verified through the trouble room window

If you have questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Executive or Customer Service.

  • Alaska Customer Service: 907.276.5868 
  • Federal Way Customer Service: 253.449.2112