Trade Notification – Updated Hazardous Policy

To our valued customers,

There will be a change to the TOTE Maritime Alaska hazardous policy to ensure crew safety aboard our ships. This policy change directly impacts shipments containing Hazmat Class 5.1 Calcium Hypochlorite.

Policy Change: Effective May 1st, 2019, TMAK will no longer accept UN1479, UN1748, UN2208, UN2880, UN3077, UN3406, UN3485, UN3486 or UN3487 containing Calcium Hypochlorite unless containers meet the following specific criteria:

1.The following additional criteria must be met if Calcium Hypochlorite is in a shipment weighing over 400 lbs.:

  • Shipments containing Calcium Hypochlorite must be transported in a running reefer container between May 1st and Oct 1st (dates may be extended at the discretion of TMAK management).
  • Shipments containing Calcium Hypochlorite must be shipped in a reefer container with a temperature set at 70° F with enough fuel to make the voyage.
  • A surveyor must be present when shipments containing Calcium Hypochlorite are loaded into the container at the shipper’s expense.
  • TMAK must receive the surveyor’s report prior to accepting the shipment.
  • The surveyor must ensure that:
    • No single package exceeds 100 lbs.
    • No organic materials are loaded in the container (i.e. wood pallets).
    • No other freight is loaded in the container (neither hazardous or non-hazardous).

2. The following additional criteria must be met if Calcium Hypochlorite is in a shipment weighing under 400 lbs.:

  • The amount of Calcium Hypochlorite cannot exceed 400 lbs. of total cargo weight per container.
  • No other hazardous material may be loaded in the container.
  • The packages containing Calcium Hypochlorite must be properly secured so that they will not shift during transit.
  • All other cargo must be properly secured to ensure that it will not cause damage to packages containing Calcium Hypochlorite.
  • Adequate space must be provided to allow for ventilation around the Calcium Hypochlorite packages.
  • All individual packages of Calcium Hypochlorite must be authorized per 49 CFR requirements and include the necessary shipping papers.

3. Shipments that are manifested as Limited Quantity are NOT affected by this TMAK hazmat policy change.

Reason for Change: TMAK has decided to make this hazardous policy change to provide extra precautions for the ship’s crew. Shipments containing Calcium Hypochlorite carry an additional risk when exposed to high temperatures and the change seeks to make our vessels safer throughout the year. The U.S. Coast Guard has reviewed our current hazardous policy and recommends we make this change to enhance crew safety.

Impact: This TMAK hazardous policy change applies to both Northbound and Southbound voyages on the North Star and Midnight Sun between Tacoma and Anchorage. All UN numbers containing “Calcium Hypochlorite” in the Proper Shipping Name or Technical Name apply. Once again, shipments that are manifested as Limited Quantity are NOT affected by this policy change.

TMAK is committed to ensuring both the safety our crew and our vessels. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Sales Representative or:

L48 Hazardous Team:  | 253-449-2122

Anchorage Hazardous: Billy Godwin 907-265-7218 | Tim Diaz 907-265-7282