Trade Notification – Voyage 20127 Anchorage work start


Due to weather, Midnight Sun Voyage 20127 is scheduled to arrive in Anchorage on Tuesday morning for a 1000 work start.

Anchorage Terminal

Southbound voyage 20128

Monday, August 10

1500 – All hazardous cargo must be booked and approved

1500 – All hazardous waste must be in the yard

1700 – All hazardous loads must be in the yard

Tuesday, August 11

0800-1800 – Lanes Open

If you have questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Executive or Customer Service.

Alaska Customer Service: 907.276.5868 

Alaska Account Executives: 907.265.7216

Federal Way Customer Service: 253.449.2112

We appreciate your partnership and support.