Two Safety Awards for TOTE Maritime

Press Release from State of Alaska, Department of Labor and Workforce Development:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (March 31, 2015) — Participation in the Governor’s Safety and Health Conference grew this year, with more than 400 Alaskans gathering in Anchorage last week to learn strategies for improving health and safety in the workplace.

The three-day conference is organized by volunteers who serve on the Alaska Safety Advisory Council. Each year, outstanding Alaska businesses and individuals are recognized for their achievements in promoting workplace health and safety.

 Everett Award

The Everett Award is named for the longest serving member of the Alaska Safety Advisory Council, “Safety Herb” Everett. The award recognizes outstanding contributions made by individual safety professionals.

Gordon Randall has dedicated more than four decades to providing safety and health training and services to Alaska residents. Randall serves as Safety Manager on the BP Tools Services Program, which has not had a lost time accident in more than 21 years.

Lee Bauke administers the field safety inspection process on the Trans Alaskan Pipeline System and routinely audits contractors on the terms of their safety plans to ensure necessary controls are in place. Bauke has more than 15 years of extensive safety experience in a variety positions, is an adjunct professor with the University of Alaska, and serves on the Alaska Safety Advisory Council.

Bill Nickerson is a long time Alaska Occupational Safety and Health professional who always puts the safety mission first and makes himself available to mentor other safety professionals. Nickerson’s colleagues describe his experience, knowledge, attention to detail and professionalism as second to none.

 Governor’s Safety Award of Excellence

This recognition is awarded to groups demonstrating excellence in safety and health systems that protect employees in the workplace and promote corporate citizenship.

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company achieved over 1.6 million hours worked in 2014 without a lost time or restricted work recordable incident. Management and employees participate in a nested concept of continuous enforcement and improvement in all aspects of safe job performance.

Silver Mountain Construction LLC quadrupled their number of employees in the past three years while maintaining a perfect safety record with zero injuries in the workplace. The company’s dedication to safety is embedded in the proposal and developmental stage of each project.

Weaver Brothers makes their primary mission to be “The Safest Trucking Company in Alaska.” For the past three years, their efforts in behavior based safety led to a reduction of injuries and illness while increasing their workforce and labor hours.

Cornerstone General Contractors delivers high standards in safety in the construction industry. Their daily and weekly labor meetings focus on hazard identification and prevention in the workplace. The company has logged over 400,000 hours of work in the past three years with only one recordable injury.

CB&I Federal Services strives to exceed safety and health standards by empowering their employees to consciously and competently step through their tasks, permits, tools and equipment while on the job site. CB&I at Fort Wainwright has worked over 1.5 million hours since their last lost time accident.

Weldin Construction LLC has shown remarkable dedication to safety in all of their projects over the last three years. The company demonstrates their commitment by investing in their employees and conducting in-house training, paying for all training costs and wages of employees who attend training.

Fairweather LLC is the gold standard for implementing Health and Safety Education programs, policies, and procedures. Alaska is a safer place to work in part because of their continuous leadership and efforts to improve safety and health.

Granite Construction executes a near perfect safety record with an excellent safety program that is branded in continuous improvement and training. They are one of the largest heavy civil contractors and construction materials producers in the state, while maintaining a rate of recordable injuries and illness 64% better than the industry standard.

Totem Ocean Trailer Express has developed a safety and health management system that is committed to prevention of illness, compliance with legal requirements, and 3 continual improvement. In the past three years, they have transported cargo, heavy equipment and trailers with a 99% on time delivery record, all while maintaining an impeccable safety record that beats the industry standard by 34%.

Trident Seafoods received three awards to recognize their operations in Akutan, Ketchikan and Petersburg. The company implements a comprehensive health and safety program that assigns responsibility to all levels of leadership and employees. In the past three years, the Akutan, Ketchikan and Petersburg plants have logged more than 11 million work hours, while maintaining an average total recordable injuries and illness rating of 42% better than the industry standard.

Innovation in Safety Award

This new award category recognizes organizations for developing innovative concepts to improve health and safety in the workplace.

City of Kenai Shop Maintenance Department implemented an innovative modification to the console design in police vehicles that eliminates potential hazards and improves the layout and function of the vehicles. The innovations have improved morale and increased the situational awareness and safety for law enforcement team members.


Alaska Safety Advisory Council

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