Fall 2017

Welcome to the Orca Report

Welcome to the first edition of The Orca Report - TOTE Maritime Alaska’s e-newsletter.  TOTE newsletters have existed almost as long as we have been serving the Alaska market and provide as a great place to share key events, areas of focus and initiatives with our valued customers and stakeholders.

Our first newsletter, sent in 1980, focused on investing in the ever-changing needs of our customers, upgrading equipment and improving systems.  Although many things have changed over the decades, including the electronic version of this newsletter, our continual re-investment and focus on improving the customer experience are two timeless initiatives and themes that are core to our success.

As I announced a few weeks ago, TOTE Maritime Alaska was excited and honored to earn the top spot in Logistics Management’s 2017 Quest-for-Quality Award in the Ocean Carrier category.  This prestigious award takes on greater meaning because it is customer-driven and focuses on key areas such as customer service and performance –  areas of our business we strive to succeed at everyday.

As many of you know, the process of converting the Orca vessels to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) begins in mid-December.  TOTE Maritime Alaska is excited to be the first shipping company in the U.S. to convert its fleet to LNG – a decision that reflects our commitment to the environment as well as the customers and communities we serve.

Please enjoy the rest of this Orca Report, where we share articles highlighting our commitment to safety, community and the customer experience.

Michael Noone