Customer Experience


Earlier this year we updated our mission to “Delivering the Best Customer Experience Possible.”

At TOTE we have been committed to serving our customers and the State of Alaska for the last 40 years and are proud to deliver on this commitment each and every day. However, we realize we can always do better, and that starts with understanding the customer experience from the customer’s point of view – from our first interaction with the customer, in person or otherwise, through each and every transaction and interaction thereafter.

In 2016 we reached out to our customers with a survey in order to better understand how we are performing from their perspective, and then created an internal team to analyze and take action on this data. From the beginning, our goal was to not only create a positive experience at each touchpoint, but to build this into our processes and culture. This is absolutely critical to our success.

We have been working at this initiative for a year now and want to give a quick update of what we have learned, what actions we have taken and what work remains ahead. We identified the following as our customers’ top priorities:

  • High levels of performance and service
  • Consistency
  • Enhanced technology offerings

In response to this, we have codified and trained on internal processes, as well as updated our e-business offerings, such as the web portal, with key features. We are also excited to introduce telematics in the coming months.

We understand that improving the Customer Experience is not a project with a deadline or a goal with a finish line. At TOTE it is an enduring mission.

Mission Statement: Delivering the best customer experience possible