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TOTE Maritime Alaska is dedicated to serving Alaska’s transportation needs and supporting those communities we serve. This dedication has fostered a special relationship with Alaska and Washington communities by participating in various charitable and nonprofit organizations. Our core outreach is centered around Washington's Pierce and Kitsap Counties and Alaska's Boroughs of Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage, Matanuska-Susitna, and Fairbanks North Star.

We give back to the community in the form of monetary grants, event sponsorships, in-kind freight donations, passenger ship trips and tours, employee matching and volunteer grants.

TOTE Maritime Alaska donations made (not including in-kind) in 2018

In partnership with GivingTrax, TOTE Maritime Alaska will also donate up to $1,000 annually per employee to qualified nonprofits. For every volunteer, TOTE will donate $19 per hour volunteered as well as match employee donations dollar for dollar, up to a max total of $1,000 annually.

For more information on TOTE Maritime Alaska Community Giving or tracking your volunteer hours in GivingTrax, contact Milena Sevigny ( or Anissa Stella (

Employee Hours Submitted Through GivingTrax

2018 volunteer hours submitted 290 hours

2018 matching dollars submitted $12,748

2019 volunteer hours submitted YTD 54 hours

2019 Matching dollars submitted YTD $1,025

TOTE Maritime Alaska’s Very Own Superheroes Take the Plunge to Fight Cancer

It was a cold day in Seward, Alaska, on Jan. 26, 2019, but that didn’t stop the Wonder Women (and Superman, Batman, Hulk, and The Flash) of TOTE Maritime Alaska from jumping into the freezing waters of Resurrection Bay to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

For over 20 years TOTE Maritime Alaska has participated in the annual Seward Polar Bear Jump Off Festival. This year’s participants were Allyssa Fortier, Shealyn Robertson, Morgan Thweatt, Courtney Burke, and Jessica Warner. Together the team raised over $5,900 and overall the event brought in $134,717.

The festivities of the Polar Bear Jump last for an entire weekend, including a parade from downtown to the harbor. Since 1986, crowds from all over the region have come to watch the jumpers fare the unforgiving waters to raise money for the cause.

When asked about the experience, Allysa Fortier said, “The plunge was freezing, but was definitely worth the cause!” We can’t wait to see who takes the plunge next year. Will it be you?


TOTE Volunteers Get Their Hands Dirty to Help Feed the Hungry

From seed to harvest, volunteers from TOTE Maritime Alaska are dedicating their Saturdays throughout the year to grow food for the hungry. The Puget Sound Emergency Food Network’s “Adopt-A-Row” program asks individuals and organizations to spend at least one Saturday a month at Mother Earth Farms to help plant, weed, and harvest fresh vegetables for local food pantries.

This year, TOTE Maritime Alaska received EFN’s 2019 Corporate & Civic Partner Award. This award recognizes organizations’ ongoing support and commitment to ensure that food is always available for neighbors in need. This is the first year TOTE has signed up to “Adopt-A-Row”, but the program has been a huge hit.

“I like working with my hands and supporting EFN to grow kale for the local food banks. Best of all, I love the teamwork”, said Joy Mizushima, Invoicing Specialist in Federal Way.

Friends, family, and customers are welcome to join the TOTE team on the farm. Contact Anissa Stella ( or Joy Mizushima ( to find out more about volunteering or working with Emergency Food Network.


Volunteers Help Local Veteran Brighten Up His Home

On April 27, friends and family from TOTE Maritime Alaska spent their Saturday revamping the home of Federal Way resident, Mr. Dishneau, for the Annual Re-Building Day, put on by Rebuilding Together South Sound. Volunteers cleaned out drain gutters, raked almost a full dump trailer of leaves, fixed window screens, and pressure washed a dangerously slick porch that had become covered in moss. They also added handrails on all outside steps and replaced the front porch railings that had become rotted.

According to Mr. Dishneau, "My yard didn't look this good even when I moved in!”

TOTE volunteers included Aldwin Wong, Jessica Johnson, Lisa Simmons, Anissa Stella, Noelle Orvella,  Shannon Peter and her husband Nick. Overall, Re-building Day brought in more than 475 volunteers and renovated 27 properties in the South Sound area.

Anissa Stella, TOTE Maritime Alaska Events Coordinator, helped organize the volunteer efforts for this year.

“The Rebuilding South Sound project day met all my expectations and beyond. It was a heartfelt day to see employees and their friends and family join in to help a neighbor in need,” said Anissa.