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Fall 2019


As we work our way through the final quarter of 2019, it’s a great time to appreciate the progress we’ve made while looking ahead to our future. Read more...

In October and November, TOTE Maritime Alaska conducted its first planned safety stand downs. These took place in Tacoma and Anchorage and each one was a half-day. . . Read More

With our LNG Conversion period right around the corner, it is important to let all our customers and partners know that TOTE Maritime Alaska is fully prepared to handle and manage the upcoming service interruption...Read more...

Continuous Improvement is the ongoing effort to improve service and process. In recent months, TOTE Maritime Alaska has completed two Continuous Improvement projects including the deployment of the Anchorage Terminal Enhancement Project and the Tacoma Vehicle Building 6S facelift. . . .Read More

This season, we were fortunate to have TOTE Maritime Alaska as our Adopt-a-Row team at EFN’s Mother Earth Farm! Since they started in March, 27 volunteers have given 222 hours of labor to their three rows of kale. These volunteers owned this process from the beginning . . . .Read More

TOTE Maritime Alaska is honored to celebrate our:

  • Employee service awards
  • New hires, promotions, and retirements
  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  •