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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Successes

Anchorage Terminal Enhancement

We are excited to announce the successful deployment of the Anchorage Terminal Enhancement Project. On Thursday October 3, the TOTE team successfully deployed GateVision in the Anchorage Terminal, that will be the primary interface for drivers coming in and out of the yard.

TOTE had a team onsite for the go-live event, including support from IT in Jacksonville, IT and operations from Federal Way, and vendors from Anchorage, Vancouver and Seattle. Thanks to their hard work, we were able to open and close the lanes on-time, without interrupting service to customers. Not only will this new system increase efficiencies at the gate, but thanks to process changes, we will see increased safety in the lanes by greatly reducing pedestrian traffic.

The success of this project would not be possible without our team dedicated to Continuous Improvement - Lisa Peterman, Mike Thrasher, Billy Godwin, Teddy Pease, and Jessica Warner.

Tacoma Vehicle Building Facelift

In addition, to the Anchorage project, Heather Green (Customer Service Specialist), Shara Parkin (Terminal Specialist) & Lisa Kavenaugh (Terminal Facility Specialist) have worked tirelessly the last few months to create a cleaner, Customer, and process oriented work space in the Tacoma Vehicle Building

What is the 6S System?

6S follows the structure of Sort, Set-in-Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain,  which all revolve around the 6th“S,”  Safety. The team followed the 6S structure of identifying what needed to be sorted out and what needed replaced. Then they laid out what was left, in order, to use when they needed it.

Now, when a Customer comes in, all the tools to assist them are within arms reach. They have created three work stations for Employees to use while working in the Vehicles office. Shine has been executed through the replacement of old fruniture, outdated shelving, replacement of old enteryway rugs and a new paint job.

The standard for how the team plans to keep the office has been set when they implemented their change in work flow and the removal of shelves that leaves an open storage area. The team’s ownership of the process is the driver for sustaining their work, they have taken their office and changed it to a refreshing Customer facing facility.

The upgrade comes just in time for the Vehicles Safety Raffle. If drivers stop by the Vehicles building during regular business hours during the month of November, wearing their safety vest or jacket, they will be entered to win! Contact for more information.