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Employee Updates

2019 Service Awards

40 Year Award
Eileen Fellows 09/28/79
15 Year Award
Tami McBride 03/22/04
10 Year Award
Shannon Peter 01/05/09
Shailyn Drazowski 08/17/09
5 Year Award
Candace Smith 01/20/14
Michael Schoeler 02/03/14
Paul Vierela 06/04/14
Jackie Orme 07/17/14
Bryan Yorke 03/25/14
Kristy Thibodeaux 08/04/14
Mark Fitzsimmons 01/20/14
Susan Peterson 03/31/14
Shanna Bachner 06/23/14
Merri Colyer 06/23/14
Brandi Henning 06/30/14
Melissa Dulay 09/02/14

New Arrivals

Jessica Yang Operations Specialist Casual 05/29/19
Vy Vo General Accountant 06/05/19
Chris Gallegos Inland Transportation Specialist 06/17/19
Sam Rouse Terminal Manager 07/08/19
Brenda MacRae Accounts Payable Analyst 07/09/19
Michael Pearce VP of Service Excellence 09/30/19
Mark Lydell Director of Fleet and Inland 10/07/19
Stephanie Burnett Operations Specialist 10/07/19
Jason Singh Operations Specialist 10/09/19
Camaria Flowers General Accountant 10/12/19
Jesse Carlstrom Senior Business Development Executive 11/04/19
Cameron Wong Inland Specialist 11/13/19

Promotions & New Positions

Johanna Schiffelbein General Accountant 01/01/19
Susan Peterson Assistant Controller 05/01/19
Melissa Dulay Assistant Controller 09/09/19
Jessica Gregory Buyer 10/03/19
Marie Farley Cargo Support Specialist 10/21/19
Nicole Weite Operations Specialist 10/21/19
Brandi Henning General Accounting Manager 10/25/19
Roxanne Beckham Senior Accountant 10/25/19
Vy Vo Senior Accountant 10/25/19


New Arrivals

Christopher Gallegos, Inland Specialist, and wife Kananileo happily welcomed their baby boy, Nainoa, to their family on August 2, 2019, weighing 7 lbs. 1oz. Baby Kananileo will have plenty of fun coming his way with his big brother Kemanakoa.
Alea Berkey, Accounts Receivable Specialist for TOTE Resources, and her husband Arlow welcomed their newest member of their family to the world on October 21. Awx James Berkey was born 9 lbs. 3 oz. at 5:54 p.m.
Bryce Kitchens, Parts Clerk, and his wife Brandi had an adorable new addition to their family with the arrival of their son Patrick on November 2, 2019.


Sam Birklid, Customer Service Specialist, and Jacob Dorn tied the knot on a beautiful day on June 5, 2019 at the Kelly Farm in Bonney Lake, WA.
Beth Pratt, Customer Service Specialist, married Justin Pratt at a pristine outdoor ceremony on July 20, 2019 at the Elk Ridge Campground in Naches, WA.