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LNG Conversion

LNG Conversion Update

With our LNG Conversion period right around the corner, it is important to let all our customers and partners know that TOTE Maritime Alaska is fully prepared to handle and manage the upcoming service interruption. During the nine-week timeframe from December 13, 2019 to February 14, 2020, TMAK will pull the Midnight Sun out of service to install LNG tanks and continue work to convert the engines.

The vessel conversion project involves hundreds of engineering designs, thousands of man-hours, and tens of thousands of different parts and materials that have been manufactured and delivered to Tacoma. Vendors from countries all over the world have worked together to make this historic engineering feat a reality. We are extremely proud to be taking the necessary steps to reduce our impact on the environment and continue to make positive contributions to communities in Tacoma & Anchorage.

For a more detailed account of what our LNG Conversion entails, please view our LNG video showcasing TOTE Maritime Alaska making maritime history!