Billy Godwin, Alaska Terminal Manager, Awarded 2018 Michael D. Garvey Award for Distinguished Service in Safety

The 2018 Michael D. Garvey Award for Distinguished Service in Safety has been awarded to TOTE Maritime Alaska Terminal Manager Billy Godwin.

“Billy’s commitment to safety is felt by everyone around him. What makes him remarkable is his ability to share that passion and inspire others to make the same personal commitment,” said Mark Tabbutt, Chairman of Saltchuk. 

“We are fortunate to have him on our team.”

Godwin’s co-workers believe he manifests a culture of safety at TOTE Maritime Alaska, making it his priority and encouraging everyone to do the same. “Safety means accomplishing the objectives and everyone going home to their families injury-free every day,” he said.

“Safety is more than just numbers or statistics to him. He’s made safety a core value and extends that value as far as his influence goes. No issue, concern, or report is too small. When I think of safety… I think of Billy. His commitment and dedication to safety is something we should all strive for, his nominator stated.

“I am incredibly proud to see Billy Godwin receive the Mike Garvey Award for Distinguished Service in Safety. Billy’s ability to lead by example and take a genuine interest in the safety and wellbeing of others, has created measurable differences in our safety culture in Anchorage and beyond,” said Grace Greene, President of TOTE Maritime Alaska

“We are grateful to have Billy a part of our TOTE family and excited to see his hard work and commitment to safety recognized among our exceptional family of companies.” 

Congratulations, and thank you to all the 2018 Saltchuk Safety Award Finalists:
• Carmen Bird, Invoicing Specialist, TOTE Maritime Alaska
• Bradley Bishop, Puerto Rico Terminal Manager, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico
• Edilio Brito, Lead Mechanic, Tropical Shipping
• Craig Coughlin, Refrigeration Tech, Tropical Shipping
• Billy Godwin, Terminal Operations Manager, TOTE Maritime Alaska
• Joy Mizushima, Invoicing Specialist, TOTE Maritime Alaska
• Teddy Pease, Resource/Projects Supervisor, TOTE Maritime Alaska
• Captain Kevin Stith, Perla del Caribe – TOTE Services
• Nicole Weite, Rate Specialist, TOTE Maritime Alaska
• Andrew Zent, Cargo Specialist, TOTE Maritime Alaska

All finalists and honorees will be featured in the coming months in People of Saltchuk, learn more about the actions that led to their nominations.