TOTE Maritime Alaska Remembers Leonard Shapiro, Founder and Legend

One of TOTE Maritime Alaska’s founding members, Leonard Shapiro, passed away last week in Seattle.  Leonard had courageously fought cancer for over four years. Len was one of the members of the original Sun Shipyard team that moved their families from Philadelphia and came to the Pacific Northwest to launch the start up Totem Ocean Trailer Express (now TOTE Maritime Alaska) in 1975. He then participated as part of the TOTE management team that joined with outside investors to buy the company from Sun Shipyard in 1982 creating what would become the foundation for the Saltchuk family of companies.

Everyone that worked with Leonard knows that he was one of a kind.  He seemed to live for the battles, craving for an intellectual heated, and loud, argument, only to follow with a sudden switch to being pleasant and asking about how you are doing.  Len is a legend in the Alaska shipping industry.  Customers, competitors, fellow employees, all have Len Shapiro stories. 

Len is survived by his wife Pat, and two daughters Rachael Sterrett and Sarah Tauer.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Shapiro family as they remember Leonard’s great life.