UPDATE: TOTE Maritime Committed to Relief and Recovery Efforts in Puerto Rico

TOTE Maritime terminal in San Juan with more then 2700 containers of cargo ready to be distributed

UPDATE – September 30, 2017

Over the last few days, TOTE Maritime has seen an increase in the number of containers that have left the terminal in San Juan indicating that, thanks to ongoing efforts of broader Puerto Rican community, relief goods are making their way to stores, communities and families throughout the island.

Over the last four days the number of containers that have left TOTE Maritime’s San Juan terminal are:

  • Tuesday (September 26) – 110
  • Wednesday (September 27) – 180
  • Thursday (September 28) – 259
  • Friday (September 29) – 246

TOTE Maritime is working around the clock to enable access to containers as is convenient for customers and the government. We will continue to provide updates regarding cargo leaving the facility.

In addition to supporting the movement of cargo from the terminal to communities throughout the island, TOTE Maritime is engaged in the following efforts to support the government’s ongoing efforts to expedite the distribution of cargo throughout the island:

  • Coordinating directly with Puerto Rican customs to speed the release of food
  • Providing logistical support to the government for all government purchased food items

TOTE Maritime’s Isla Bella is scheduled to arrive in Puerto Rico Sunday October 1 with more than 1000 additional FEUs of relief and recovery goods for the people of Puerto Rico.




September 27, 2017 – Jacksonville, FL – TOTE Maritime is working around the clock to ensure that relief and recovery supplies are available to the people of Puerto Rico. In the last few days, TOTE Maritime and sister company Tropical have discharged three vessels. As of last night, more than 2750 FEUS (forty foot equivalents) of cargo, including ice, water, fuel, generators and canned/dried food, will have arrived at the Port all intended to assist with the short and long term needs of the island.

TOTE Maritime is working directly with the American Red Cross and FEMA as well as various local churches and smaller local organizations to prioritize the most critical items.  In addition, TOTE is coordinating with these organizations and the island to ensure future sailings contain key items for the communities of Puerto Rico.

“We are committed to playing a central role in supporting Puerto Rico during this time and ensuring that all Puerto Ricans have access to basic necessities such as clean water and food as the relief and recovery efforts begin” noted Tim Nolan, President of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico. “Our ships have significant capacity and we want to use our resources to support the island. Just one ship can carry the same amount of goods as nearly 2000 passenger planes – and we want to make sure every shipment, every ton, every container counts and helps the people of Puerto Rico.”

TOTE Maritime is on-hiring additional equipment to ensure continuous flow of cargo to the island with the upcoming sailings.

TOTE Maritime will continue to engage with appropriate parties to ensure the needs of the island are being met over the coming weeks and months.


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