Puerto Rico – Bunker Fuel Charge 05-23-16

We are continuing to monitor the prices we pay for our bunker fuel. As a result we will be adjusting our bunker fuel charge as follows based on date of vessel departure:



Present Effective 6/7/16
To / From:    
20’ Containers $162 $254
40’ / 45’ Containers $326 $510
53’ Containers $414 $650
Automobiles – Not Exceeding 900CFT $66 $102
Breakbulk Cargo (per 2,000lbs) $75 $75
Self-Propelled Units – Minimum 90SQFT $138 $510

We will continue to closely monitor bunker price trends and will adjust accordingly. If you have any questions with regard to the application of the BFC, please do not hesitate to contact your TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, LLC representative.