ATS International and TOTE Maritime Announce U.S. to Puerto Rico Partnership

St. Cloud, Minn. Tuesday, May 8, 2018 — ATS International, a division of Anderson Trucking Service (ATS), is proud to introduce a strategic partnership with TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico to offer a game-changing equipment innovation for shipping non-containerized cargo.  For the first time ever, shippers will now be able to accommodate traditionally non-containerized cargo in a Lift-On/Lift-Off (Lo/Lo) container environment. The patented Breakbulk Boxx™, along with our newly designed 53’ flatracks will now offer non-containerized shippers and consignees in the U.S. / Puerto Rico trade with a 3-day transit option not previously available.

Designed for in-gauge breakbulk cargo, these innovative equipment options allow companies that primarily ship freight requiring side loading and unloading to take advantage of the faster transit, increased security, and convenience of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico’s Lo/Lo services. The Breakbulk Boxx™ and 53’ flatrack designs will be available exclusively through ATS International and TOTE Maritime.

“We are excited and proud to have these units and service capabilities available to aid in the recovery and rebuilding of Puerto Rico when needed the most.  With more than four decades of experience in the U.S./Puerto Rico shipping lane, TOTE Maritime was a natural partner for us to introduce this exclusive Lift-on/Lift-off technology,” said ATS COO Brent Anderson. “TOTE Maritime has a proven dedication to safety with a commitment to their employees, customers, community, and environment. These values align with the mission of ATS, and work towards our pledge for innovation in the international freight markets.”

TOTE Maritime’s commitment to the people of Puerto Rico has never wavered. TOTE Maritime provides twice-weekly service to/from Puerto Rico, connecting residents in this non-contiguous region with the supplies needed to support life on the island including families, businesses and the local economy. “We are excited to partner with ATS on this innovative equipment as it will help rebuild the island of Puerto Rico after the devastating impacts from Hurricane Maria”, says Bill Taylor VP of Commercial for TOTE Maritime. “Our partnership with ATS and their investment in these new equipment types will set the stage for a new way to move non-containerized cargo to/from the island of Puerto Rico for many years to come.” TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico is part of the TOTE family of companies committed to offering the highest level of service while ensuring the safety of the individuals and communities served.