TOTE Media Release: 10-6-15, 16:00 EST

Jacksonville, FL (Oct. 6, 2015) – At 16:00 EST Tim Nolan, President of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, issued the following statement regarding efforts to locate and communicate with the El Faro and her crew.

“TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico continues to work with the Coast Guard in the ongoing search and rescue operations for survivors from the El Faro. Today, the following assets are engaged in the effort:

4 C-130s (2 Coast Guard, 2 Air Force)

1 Navy P-8 Poseidon

3 Coast Guard cutters

3 tugboats

2 Coast Guard helicopters

TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico will be fully cooperating with the NTSB and Coast Guard as they conduct their federal investigations. In addition, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico plans to hire an independent third party maritime firm to conduct a safety assessment, which will be made public once completed. We wish to thank all those who are assisting us, providing support and praying for all involved.”

The dedicated media information line is (866.890.6763) and the incident website is TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico continues to work closely with the Coast Guard and all activated resources in the search and will make timely, accurate updates via the website and phone line as they are available.


Media Contact:
Mike Hanson