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CoolConnect TMPR

Monitoring Your Cargo, Every Step of the Way

TOTE Maritime specializes in shipping temperature-controlled cargo across the sea using our CoolConnect Service. Our smart refrigerated containers (reefers) and longstanding expertise in handling both fresh and frozen cargo, makes us the best in the business for handling your refrigerated goods. CoolConnect provides us with complete visibility of your shipment making shipping refrigerated goods even more convenient and predictable for you.

Our food-grade, CoolConnect reefers are part of our commitment to move your refrigerated temperature-sensitive cargo safely and expediently, from farm to table.

As the youngest reefer fleet in the trade to be shipping temperature-sensitive cargo to Puerto Rico, this technology provides huge benefits to our customers. CoolConnect reefers give customers peace-of-mind when relying on this technology to get their cargo transported at their desired temperature from point of origin to destination.

Innovation that Delivers

In an industry first, CoolConnect provides 24/7, real-time complete monitoring of all our reefers whether they are on the road, dock or aboard our vessels.

Wireless devices within our reefers provide our experts with temperatures and other critical data that allow us to manage and deliver your time-sensitive cargo with maximum precision at an accelerated rate.

Focused on Safety

CoolConnect provides seamless visibility and control with the ability to receive critical data from containers while they are on the vessel or on shore.

This connectivity and visibility enhances crew efficiency and safety by eliminating the need to manually check the temperature status and condition of traditional reefers.

CoolConnect provides

  • 100% Equipment Coverage
  • 24/7 Monitoring by TOTE
  • Most Experienced Team in the Trade
  • Full Complement of Reporting Capabilities
  • Spoilage Prevention
  • Reduction of Airfreight Shipments
  • Theft Deterrence
Reefer Container Type Inside Dimensions Door Openings Cubic Capacity
40′ Reefer 37′11″ 7′6″ 8′4″ 7′6″ 8′5″ 2398
45′ Reefer 43′0″ 7′6″ 8′4″ 7′6″ 8′5″ 2714


“Our farm-to-table takes about 4 days to complete. That is a very significant, accelerated supply chain that we are uniquely able to consistently deliver.” – Eduardo Pagan, VP and General Manager Caribbean Services

“CoolConnect offers access to comprehensive, real-time information about our refrigerated containers that enables us to not only maximize the safety and efficiency of our supply chain operations, but to also better serve you.” – Jim Wagstaff, VP of Operations