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Cargo Claim Process

The following outlines the Cargo Claims filing process. Our goal with this process is to expedite the filing of your claims and provide you with access to important information. We have a dedicated claims team available to answer any questions you may have.  Contact information for this team is listed below:

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM EST

Local: 904-855-1260 Ext. 1266

Toll Free: 877-775-7447 Ext. 1266

Consider the following before filing your claim:

  • If you made arrangements to insure your cargo with a third-party insurance company, you must submit your claim directly to the insurance company.
  • If you did not make arrangements to insure your cargo with a third-party insurance company and your shipment is covered by the insurance provided by TMPR (see TMPR tariff) you may proceed to file your claim.
  • If you have not paid your ocean freight charges, please submit payment.
  • Have the claim back up documents and proof of damage on hand to upload and attach to the submission. These documents include but are not limited to: copy of the TOTE Maritime PR bill of lading, commercial invoices and photos.

Filing the claim

  1. All claims must be filed using the form above and all supporting documents must be uploaded and attached at the time the claim is filed.

The TOTE Maritime freight charges may be added to the total claimed amount however said charges must be paid in full before the claim is settled.

  • The system will assign an “incident number” for your records and to be used in case you need to contact the claims team during the investigation period.
  • The system will send a notification to our claims team that a new claim has been filed.
  • The claims team will review the entry for completeness and send an electronic email acknowledgement which will include the permanent claim number and request for any missing information or documents.
  • The claims team will then investigate the claim and contact you when the final determination has been reached.

Verification of the claim is performed by reviewing the Transportation Service Agreement (TSA) and/or Tariff, Bill of Lading, and Commercial Invoice.

  • Verify the claimant is a party to the Bill of Lading
  • Verify the commercial invoice does not include consequential damages and the amount is the cost at shipping point

If your cargo is damaged and you would like to obtain a joint survey, please contact the Risk Management Department at the contact above or below.

Frequently asked questions that aim to provide additional clarity on our claim process

Was my cargo insured by Tote Maritime?

Consult the Tote Maritime tariff or agreement to determine whether cargo insurance was provided for your shipment.

Who should make the claim, the shipper or consignee?

The owner of the cargo should submit the claim.

What documents are needed to file a claim?

Bill of Lading and commercial invoice

Proof of damage

If I made arrangements to insure the cargo, should I file it with my insurance company? 

Yes, if you purchased insurance from a 3rd party insurance company you will submit your claim directly to that insurance company.

What is the process after I file the claim? 

We will acknowledge receipt of your claim via email.  Then the verification process of your claim will begin.  Once this process is complete you will receive notification.

If you have any further questions please contact the Risk Management Department at 904-855-1260 Ext. 1266 or 877-775-7447 Ext. 1266 or via email at