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JaxPort signs agreement to strengthen trade relationship with Puerto Rico

The executive director of the Puerto Rico Ports Authority, Joel A. Pizá Batiz, and Eric Green, the chief executive officer of JaxPort - the Port Authority of Jacksonville, Florida - today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU, for its acronym) in English) to affirm the vital relationship between the two seaports.

Maritime trade between Jacksonville and Puerto Rico was established during the 1950s.
Jacksonville is currently the number one port in the United States for trade with the island, handling almost 90% of all maritime cargo between Puerto Rico and the United States. United.
“There are historical links and a relationship of many decades between the two parties. The benefits for the two ports and cities of inter-port cooperation is that the objectives of building closer commercial relations of mutual benefit and the promotion of economic growth will be achieved, ”said Pizá Batiz through a press release.
Green and Pizá Batiz signed the memorandum this morning during a meeting of the JaxPort board of directors, held at a cruise ship terminal in Jacksonville. Continue Reading here.

Join us in Congratulating Eliz A. Robles Cruz for being named the Boys and Girls Club Puerto Rico's Youth of the Year!

Join us in congratulating Boys and Girls Club Puerto Rico 2021's Youth of the Year, Eliz A. Robles Cruz! The year is yours for the taking and we are already so very proud.
The Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico has amazed us in every single thing that they do. Our children are our future and they exhibit this mantra day in and day out. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico (BGCPR) recognizes leadership of youth highlighted by their contribution to their family, school, community and Club, as well as personal challenges faced and the obstacles that were conquered.
You can make an impact and a huge difference in these children's' lives! Learn more here:

TOTE announces "Dedicated to Puerto Rico" campaign with Transportation institute


TOTE is proud to partner with the Transportation Institute in the launch of a new initiative called Dedicated to Puerto Rico, that will help tell the story about the dedication of each of you and our commitment to communities across the Island.
We encourage you to learn more about this effort by visiting or  We hope, too, that you will share with your colleagues on the island.
The first ad of this initiative, which is called "Dedicated," aired on Monday, March 22nd. You can view this airing following the link.
In addition to television/digital video, you and your team will see digital messages, including an exciting part of the initiative called "es bueno saberlo!" - or "it's good to know." These will be short factual messages that we hope will inspire a better understanding of who we are and what we do.
We are proud and thankful for the entire TOTE family, and remain dedicated to delivering for Puerto Rico's future. We encourage you to learn more and take part in celebrating our dedicated maritime community.
Eduardo Pagan

IRS Approves Distribution Plan for COVID Stimulus Checks in Puerto Ric

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has given the go ahead for Puerto Rico’s plan to distribute the $1,400 coronavirus stimulus checks to eligible residents.

The checks have started going out this week to thousands of residents, according to Puerto Rico Treasury Secretary Francisco Parés.
Puerto Rico should have sent out all stimulus checks to eligible residents within four to five weeks. The island has until Dec. 31 to complete all the disbursements.
The latest coronavirus stimulus checks are destined for individuals whose gross income did not exceed $75,000 in 2019 or 2020. For married couples, gross income cannot exceed $150,000 and for heads of households, the figure is $112,000. Article.

More Than 75 Percent of Americans Ready to Travel

In terms of when Americans will go traveling, July continues to strengthen as a peak month for travel, as one-third of American travelers now report at least tentative trip plans for that month. Travel also looks to continue this fall, as nearly a quarter of American travelers say they have trips planned for September and about 22 percent have at least tentative plans in October, according to Destination Analysts.

Earth Day 2021 and our TOTE partnership with Para la Naturaleza

We at TOTE love our earth and we know that our customers and partners do too. We do our best to find new and innovative ways to get our earth as healthy as we can for as long as we can.
In honor of Earth Day 2021, we would like to highlight one of our partners on the island, Para la Naturaleza.
Para la Naturaleza's focus is on uniting for the well-being of our future. The health of nature and our health is one. Protect it.
TOTE employees in Puerto Rico will join together with Para la Naturaleza on May 1st to plant trees with the goal of planting 1 million trees, promoting healthy and resilient forests and ecosystems.
If you would like to learn more about them, check out their website:
If you would like to learn more about how you can make every day, Earth Day, click here:

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