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December 2019

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Learn all the ways TOTE is serving Puerto Rico

As a leader in the commercial maritime industry, TOTE continues to innovate, execute new efficiencies and prioritize the customer experience to deliver premium service to and from Puerto Rico.  TOTE is committed to supporting the island of Puerto Rico in more ways than you may know.  Click here to watch video.

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The Isla Bella sails her 200th Voyage

If the Isla Bella were a mountain climber, her crew has climbed (sailed) the equivalent of 94,189 Mt. Everest climbs over the past 4 years. (0’ sea level to 29,029’ summit).

On April 18, 2015 at NASSCO General Dynamics in San Diego, California, hull 495 was christened the Isla Bella, making it the world’s very first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) powered containership.

On November 6th, 2015 the Isla Bella entered the Puerto Rico trade on its maiden voyage from Jacksonville, FL to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In 4 years, and 200 voyages later, the Isla Bella has traveled enough miles to sail around the globe along the equator more than 20 times.

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Puerto Ricans in New Jersey come together for their Island

New Jersey lawmakers want to help Puerto Rico, still recovering from Hurricane Maria.

Home to more than half a million Puerto Ricans, New Jersey may soon establish a 35-member commission focused on helping the island territory still healing from catastrophe.

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New spreader bars keep our terminal safe, versatile and efficient

TOTE Jacksonville and TOTE San Juan have begun operations utilizing new spreader bars.  These spreader bars are a key initiative in keeping our terminal operation safe, versatile and efficient.

These newly delivered spreader bars make the terminal flow picking up 40’HC to 45’HC and 53’HC containers seamless! Without ceasing operations to change equipment sizes, these spreader bars allow for greater efficiencies in loading the ship with buoyancy and priority considerations in addition to not subjecting the port stevedores to interchanging equipment multiple times reducing the opportunities for accidents at the port.

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JAXPORT continues to grow as a major east coast gateway

The Jacksonville Port Authority (JaxPort) and SSA Marine have started the construction of a new SSA Jacksonville Container Terminal.

The project has received an investment of approximately $238.7m. It forms part of the expansion of SSA’s existing leasehold at Blount Island Marine Terminal.

It is a public-private partnership (PPP) between JaxPort and SSA Marine. SSA is funding over 65% of the landside improvements.

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