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February 2020

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Our Commitment to Puerto Rico

Serving Puerto Rico for 30 Years and Counting. From humble beginnings in 1985 as a two tug-and-barge operation, to where we sit today, having unveiled the world’s first LNG-powered container ships, TOTE’s commitment to the people of Puerto Rico has never wavered. Check out our 2019 CSR Recap Video

Our commitment to the service we provide to our customers, is only part of the story.

  • Since 2015, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico has given $1.2M in community giving, supported 51 Organizations and dedicated hundreds of volunteer hours.
  • In direct response to disaster, TOTE Maritime hosted and participated in 25 community events around the island, distributing food, water, fuel and ice.
  • TOTE Maritime’s efforts have supported more than 19,500 people throughout Puerto Rico.
  • Packaged and delivered 15,000 meals to individuals and families in Puerto Rico.
  • Partnered with SIU and AFT to serve as a sponsor and transportation partner for Operation Agua.
  • There is still great need in elderly homes, low-income communities throughout Puerto Rico.

TMPR strives to continue supporting the island of Puerto Rico at its core, where the people make it more than an island, a beautiful community rich in culture and opportunity.

Best Employer PR

Puerto Rico Awarded Best Employer

For the third year TOTE Puerto Rico was selected as one of the Best Employers in Puerto Rico.

The Best Employers are characterized by:

  • Human Resources programs
  • Business practices align with business strategy
  • Identifying, developing and promoting employees
  • Maintaining & keeping a high level of employee engagement

We are proud of the commitment our employees have given to make our company such a great place to work!

*This study is performed annually by Kincentric

Focus on Safety – We all win!

There is no secret, TOTE’s number one focus is on Safety. Looking back on 2019, we started the year with a goal and vision of zero lost time.
With a focus on situational awareness, hazard identification and safety behaviors, we have seen reductions in many areas creating a safer environment for our employees, vendors and visitors.
We are very proud to announce in 2019, we had 0 lost time!

This is not accomplished by any one individual, but by the entire organization working together and collaborating between all departments and team members. We are working towards something great here at TOTE by building a mature safety culture.

In a mature safety culture, safety is truly sustainable, with injury rates approaching zero. People feel empowered to act as needed to work safely. They support and challenge each other. Decisions are made at the appropriate level and people live by those decisions.


Earthquake Recovery from the Ground, Up

Following the strike of earthquakes in Puerto Rico, Obed Rojas & Neftalí Burgos from Orocovis, Puerto Rico led a project team in building a modular housing unit in Guaynilla.

This module is capable of housing 150 people in times of need.  TOTE Maritime is pleased to have partnered with the team in donating all of the wood and materials needed to construct this unit. See more here.

TOTE's Focus on Health

For the month of February, we have decided to challenge ourselves with a Leap Year Stair Climbing challenge.  We have over 90 TOTE employees signed up and ready to compete!  Health is a strong focus for our employees here at TOTE.

Our healthy habits help keep us happy in and out of the office as well as keep our healthcare costs down.

As of 2/5, we’ve already logged 35,050 stairs! We are very proud of our employees and the drive they maintain to stay healthy.

stair challenge

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