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July 2019

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$1.4 billion to Puerto Rico for food assistance and rebuilding.

$19.1 BILLION DISASTER AID: Voting 354 for and 58 against, the House on June 3 approved $19.1 billion in disaster aid to homeowners, farmers, businesses, local governments and other entities in more than 40 states and territories struck by natural disasters such as wildfires, flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes in recent years. In part, the bill provides $1.4 billion to Puerto Rico, including $600 million in food assistance, along with aid to repair storm damage at military bases and funding to mitigate the impact of future disasters in and near cities such as Houston.

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Puerto Rico housing market on upswing despite obstacles

The sales trend for the first four months of 2019 (2,484 homes) exceeds the first quarter of 2018 (2,304). The inventory of newly built homes, as of March, includes 151 new residential projects with 1,446 available units; this is 10.9% less than the inventory in December. Seventy percent of that inventory are units priced at $200,000 or less.

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NOAA Forecast: 9-15 Named Storms for Atlantic between June and November 2019

“New satellite data and other upgrades to products and services from NOAA enable a more Weather-Ready Nation by providing the public and decision makers with the information needed to take action before, during, and after a hurricane,” said Neil Jacobs, Ph.D., acting NOAA administrator.

Don’t forget to talk to your TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico sales rep regarding our Hurricane Preparedness action plan for 2019.

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TOTE Maritime receives prestigious Safety Awards from PRMA

TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico is proud to have received two prestigious awards from PRMA during National Safety Month.  First for excellent achievement implementing safety initiatives and secondly for Occupational Safety and Health Records.  Safety is TOTE’s leading core value and is at the forefront of every decision and action.

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TOTE Maritime Safety Week

In June, during national safety month, TOTE employees participated in our annual safety fair. Some of the activities included a Distracted Driving Simulator, Haz-Mat (Family) Feud, CPR Training, and Find the Safety Hazard. Our Safety team also brought in experts on numerous topics that affect all our lives today including, emergency and inclement weather preparedness, work place safety, boating and water safety, and active shooter training. Thanks again to the following vendors for their support: AAA, JEA, NE FLA Safety Council, United States Coast Guard, Jacksonville Fire & Rescue, and many more.

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New Director of Safety at TOTE Maritime

“My number one reason for pursuing this position is to make sure that my family, my whole family, goes home safe every night.“

Meet Brad Bishop, TOTE’s new Director of Safety. Family is the most important motivation for most of us, and Brad’s love for keeping his family safe does not stop with his immediate family. Family is a term Brad uses when speaking about the foreman, lineman, labor worker and every person in between that he works with.

Safety is not only a goal for Brad, or just part of his job title, but it is his way of life. Brad is no stranger to stepping outside of his comfort zone and trying new things that often require safety protocols. After spending 21 years in the industry and holding almost every labor position possible, Brad continues to strive for new innovations within maritime and container shipping safety is at the forefront of every innovative idea his team pursues.

Brad believes “that with the continuous advances of technology in the shipping industry, the world is truly ours.” TOTE fosters a culture of innovation and implements new technologies as a leader in the industry and safety is a leading consideration with all opportunities. Brad continues, “it is important that we support and service our customers to the very best of our ability without ever compromising safety.”

Brad was raised on the virtue of the golden rule. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Show respect, be kind and never forget where you came from.

Brad resides in his hometown of Jacksonville, FL with his wife, and two children. His first love was that of baseball, quickly surpassed by the love of his family. Bradley has been with TOTE for a year and half and previously was with PORTUS for 12 years working alongside the TOTE Maritime team.

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