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June 2019

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Customer Communications: Attention Reefer Customers – Hot days are upon us!

“CoolConnect® offers access to comprehensive, real-time information about our refrigerated containers that enables us to not only maximize the safety and efficiency of our supply chain operations, but to also better serve you.” – Jim Wagstaff, VP of Operations

With the summer months coming up, it is great to know that your reefer cargo is in great hands and you have visibility as it moves through the delivery process.  Stay connected with the TOTE Maritime CoolConnect feature.  Learn more...

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TMPR News: TOTE Maritime helped TRITON Submarine break records

The Five Deeps Expedition is the first to attempt to reach the deepest point in each of the Earth’s five oceans.  TMPR moved the Limiting Factor vessel to Puerto Rico last fall and immediately it started breaking ocean dive records.  In December 2018 TRITONs LF vessel dove the Puerto Rico Trench and the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean.  This month, they broke records at the Mariana Trench.  Stay tuned for what TMPR helps the TRITON team move to Puerto Rico this year.  Learn More...

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News & Announcement Eduardo Pagan, Executive of the Year Award

We are proud to honor Eduardo Pagan, vice president and general manager of Caribbean services at TMPR, for being named Executive of the Year Award by PRMA.  His commitment to the island is deep and overarching – he is currently president of the Puerto Rico Shipping Association, a council member of the Caribbean Shipping Association, a member of the Puerto Rico American Maritime Partnership and Juntos por Puerto Rico.  Please join us in celebrating his accomplishments as he is honored with this prestigious award.

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Customer Communications:  Be up to date with #TOTEPR

Fourth Report Text:   Get more information about TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Stay up to date on our philanthropic efforts, get a behind the scenes look at the people of TMPR, and up to date information on what is happening in our industry.  Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter at TOTE Maritime.