TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico Shipping

Vehicle from St. Croix to Jacksonville

Shipping your vehicle with us is as easy as following the steps below. If you have any questions, please contact us at 877.775.7447 Prompt 4 or email

Step 1: Gather Required Information

  • Shipper’s complete name, physical address, phone, and email
  • Consignee’s complete name, physical address, phone, and email
  • Vehicle’s value, year, make, model, and the complete VIN #
  • Sail date from Jacksonville to SJU (every Tuesday & Friday)
  • EIN # can be obtained at View the instructions by clicking here or call 800.829.4933.

Step 2: Contact Booking Team to Make a Booking

Step 3: Send Required Documents to Documentation Team and San Juan

Please email the items below to or fax to 904.805.8106.

  • Copy of Title, front and back (or authorization from the Financial Institution, if financed).
  • Clear enlarged copy of the owners Driver’s License, and if owner is not present to deliver, a signed Letter of Authorization must be granted to the party making the shipping arrangements.
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Lien search conducted at the Lieutenant Governor’s Office (if vehicle is registered in the V.I.).
  • Customs Clearance from of Motor Vehicles indicating vehicle is free of fines (valid 3 days).
  • Importer Security filing (ISF 10+2) mandatory for all shipments from the USVI to USA. You are responsible for contacting a licensed customs broker to file the ISF 10+2. A list of brokers can be found here:
  • Receipt from pressure washing vehicle (motor, undercarriage, exterior)
  • Copy of Consignee’s Identification
  • Vehicle Exportation Sheet
  • USDA Hold Acknowledgment Form
  • Insurance Acceptance or Declination Form

Step 4: Drop Off Your Vehicle at the St. Croix Port

U.S. Customs in St. Croix has instituted a 72-hour rule on NB vehicles requiring customers to deliver vehicles to the port by noon on the Thursday before sailing day. If the vehicle is delivered after that time, it cannot sail for two weeks.Address:
St. Croix Terminal (VIPA Container Port)
Ferrol Trucking Services
W. Allick Container Port New Container Port Road
Kingshill, St Croix, USVI 00851

Drop Off Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM

Cut Offs: Documentation and delivery due by Thursday 12:00PM

Phone / Fax: 340.778.9602 / 340.778.9889


  • Do not leave documents in the vehicle
  • Additional cargo (that is not physically attached to the vehicle) is not permitted to remain in the vehicle. These restricted items include but are not limited to car seats, jumper cables, tool boxes, etc
  • Vehicle must contain no more than a ¼ tank of gas

Step 5: Prepare to Pick Up Your Vehicle in Jacksonville

Track: Use the track and trace tool on the TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico web portal to monitor shipment activity (view instructions). Load and discharge events as well as changes to the ETD and ETA of your shipment will be reflected on the site.

Step 6: Pick Up Vehicle in Jacksonville

USDA: Upon arrival in the US vehicles are subject to USDA inspection. Upon release, TOTE Maritime will contact customer to pick up vehicles. Please ensure that you have been contacted prior to making arrangements to pick up the vehicle.

Escort: An escort with a TWIC badge is required for you to reach our Jacksonville port location. The JAXPORT Access Control Center (904.357.3344) offers courtesy escorts for the owner of the vehicle and/or persons listed as a shipper or consignee on our Booking Confirmation or you may pay to contract independently. In order to leave the terminal, please arrange for a TWIC endorsed taxi or have someone accompany you in their own vehicle.Address:
5250 William Mills Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32226 Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00AM-12:00PM, 1:30PM-4:00PM
Tuesday and Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM

Phone: 904.751.2110

Demurrage: Shipments of vehicles not exceeding 900 cubic feet (self-propelled) will be allowed a free time period of 7 calendar days. Demurrage (storage) starts day 8. Demurrage charges will be collected prior to cargo being released.VI Vehicles
Days 1-5: $25.00 Per Day
Days 6 or more: $30.00 Per Day

Additional Customs and Tax Information

  1. If your vehicle is a foreign make, an excise and customs duty based on the blue book value is required in the VI. If your vehicle was made in the US, this does not apply.
  2. There is a One Time Road Tax that everybody has to pay in the VI. It is rated 16 cents per lb on weight of vehicle.
  3. When shipping to the VI, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico needs a copy of the title or bill of sale, not the original. The original should be sent to the consignee separately. The consignee cannot enter the car prior to Customs clearance and they will need an original to complete the process required to receive Customs clearance.


From St. Croix, U.S.V.I To Jacksonville, FL

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