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History & Values

When the S.S. Great Land made its inaugural voyage to the Port of Anchorage on September 10, 1975, tens of thousands of workers seeking high-paying jobs were moving to Alaska to help build the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. Alaska’s oil boom also inspired TOTE Maritime’s entry in the Alaska trade.

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When the pipeline was completed in 1977, many workers and their families stayed behind to call Alaska home – TOTE Maritime Alaska has served the Last Frontier ever since.

As TOTE Maritime Alaska’s first vessel, the American-made S.S. Great Land carried up to 386 trailers and 126 vehicles at a cruising speed of 22 knots. In 1977, a second new vessel, the S.S. Westward Venture, joined the fleet to keep up with the growing demands of the Alaska trade.In 2003, our built-for-Alaska Orca Class vessels M.V. Midnight Sun and M.V. North Star began serving Alaska with more carrying capacity and an even faster cruising speed.

This year, TOTE Maritime Alaska will begin converting both of our Orca Class vessels to liquefied natural gas power, bringing the world’s most advanced, environmentally friendly technology to Alaska.

As TOTE Maritime Alaska celebrates 40 years of service, our commitment to Alaska is stronger than ever.


As a TOTE company, we are part of a family of companies committed to offering the highest level of service while ensuring the safety of the individuals and communities we touch.


  • The safety of and respect for employees is TOTE Maritime Alaska’s primary charge and can never be compromised.
  • Deliver an acceptable return on capital employed in a safe, secure and environmentally conscious.
  • Formulate integrated business plans for growth that addresses real customer needs while building upon the supply chain strengths of TOTE Maritime Alaska.
  • Attract and develop innovative industry leaders who can effectively implement TOTE Maritime Alaska’s long-term strategies while enhancing existing businesses and customer relationships.
  • Demand and deliver the highest levels of integrity in everything TOTE Maritime Alaska undertakes whether with customers, vendors, or employees.


  • Creative problem solving, timely communication
  • Strong service and value products
  • Profitable, reinvesting for the future


  • On time, every time
  • Protect your cargo and our environment
  • Always perform with integrity
  • Give back to our community


  • Meaningful, customer-focused solutions
  • Timely, accurate, seamless interactions
  • Safety-oriented culture
  • Think strategically, act tactically