TOTE Maritime About

History & Values

TOTE Maritime, through its operations in Alaska and Puerto Rico, provides high-speed liner services in the U.S. domestic trade.



TOTE Maritime’s Operating in the Jones Act trade since 1975, TOTE companies strategically and efficiently route cargo from anywhere in North America to Puerto Rico and Alaska.

The services offered by TOTE Maritime companies are critical to our remote areas of the United States. Flexible, efficient, twice-weekly service to their dedicated trade routes ensures reliable, consistent and cost-effective cargo transport for U.S. residents in the non-contiguous states.

TOTE, a leader in environmental responsibility, announced in 2012 plans to convert its Maritime fleet to operate on liquefied natural gas (LNG). Totem Ocean Trailer Express, already operating the newest ships in the U.S. domestic fleet, was the first in the nation to announce plans to convert its engines to operate on natural gas. TOTE Shipholdings followed later in the year, announcing the company had signed a contract with NASSCO to build the first and largest LNG–powered container vessels in the world to serve the Puerto Rico trade. By converting its fleet to natural gas, the company will create access to reliable sources of LNG to Pacific Northwest and Southeast U.S. ports, and will help lead to the proliferation of natural gas as a transportation fuel.


As a TOTE company, we are part of a family of companies committed to offering the highest level of service while ensuring the safety of the individuals and communities we touch.

  • Safety – At the forefront of every decision and action
  • Commitment – To our people, customers, communities and environment
  • Integrity – The foundation for everything we do



  • The safety of and respect for employees is TOTE Maritime’s primary charge and can never be compromised.
  • Deliver an acceptable return on capital employed in a safe, secure and environmentally conscious
  • Formulate integrated business plans for growth that addresses real customer needs while building upon the supply chain strengths of the TOTE Maritime
  • Attract and develop innovative industry leaders who can effectively implement TOTE Maritime’s long-term strategies while enhancing existing businesses and customer relationships.
  • Demand and deliver the highest levels of integrity in everything TOTE Maritime undertakes whether with customers, vendors, or employees.