Clean Jacksonville Marks its 300th Bunkering Milestone

January 12, 2023

Clean Jacksonville closed out 2022 with completion of its 300th bunkering on December 27, 2022. Clean Jacksonville and its crew, managed by TOTE Services, have safely supplied LNG to TOTE since the commissioning of the world’s first LNG-powered containership, the Isla Bella in 2015.

Our partnership with Clean Jacksonville and JAX LNG has ensured TOTE’s Marlin-class vessels, and other LNG-powered vessels calling Jacksonville, are operating responsibly with the cleanest and safest marine fuel available to protect the waters and diverse marine life of the Caribbean while delivering twice-weekly service to the people of Puerto Rico.  

We congratulate TOTE Services, JAX LNG, Foss MaritimeCompany, and all the partners and vendors who have played an important role in reaching this milestone as we focus on operating in the most environmentally conscious way.

Full press release from TOTE Services:

TOTE Services Achieves Significant Milestone in Managing 300th Fueling of World’s First LNG Bunker Barge


Jacksonville, Fla., January 12, 2023 – TOTE Services, LLC, (“TOTE Services”) achieved a significant milestone in managing the Clean Jacksonville liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) bunker barge’s 300thfueling at the Blount Island Marine Terminal, JAXPORT’s largest marine facility and home to TOTE Services’ sister company TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, LLC(“TOTE”). This fueling marks a significant achievement for the TOTE Group, which has invested heavily in alternative fuel technologies to help decarbonize its fleet.


“We are proud to join our partners at TOTE in celebrating this momentous occasion, which marks the 300th bunkering of the Clean Jacksonville,” said TOTE Services President Jeff Dixon. “TOTE Services has been a reliable, long-term partner committed to the LNG market, working in every aspect from vessel construction, ship management, and technical expertise to help our customers achieve their business and environmental objectives.”


Since 2015, TOTE has established itself as the industry leader in innovation, investing more than $500 million in LNG assets, infrastructure, and technology to reliably deliver consumer goods to U.S. markets. TOTE’s investments include the world’s first two LNG-powered containerships, put into service in 2015 and 2016, and the LNG fueling barge Clean Jacksonville in 2018.


TOTE Services is contracted by TOTE to manage the delivery of LNG from the Clean Jacksonville to its advanced, clean-fueled vessels, which deliver substantial environmental and public health benefits through dramatically lower emissions of NOx, SOx, CO2 and PM (particulate matter).


“TOTE has worked closely with its partners, to make northeast Florida a world leader in the clean fuel revolution,” said Dixon. “We look forward to continuing our safe and reliable operation of the Clean Jacksonville.


About TOTE Services

TOTE Services, LLC (“TOTE Services”) is a leading U.S.-based ship management company that provides crewing and technical services to meet the needs of commercial, privately-owned, and U.S. Government vessels. Since 2015, TOTE Services has overseen construction and management of the world’s first LNG-powered container ships, activated U.S. training ships to support disaster relief, and managed many MARAD vessels. TOTE Services, along with TOTE Maritime Alaska, LLC and TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, LLC, are part of TOTE Group, LLC (“TOTE Group”). TOTE Group is a member of the Saltchuk family of companies. For more information, please visit

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