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Breakbulk Boxxes

Committed to Innovation

As an industry leader, TOTE Maritime continues to offer you the benefits of emerging technology. Now, non-containerized shippers and consignees in the U.S. / Puerto Rico trade have an additional 3-day transit option – Breakbulk Boxxes™, available exclusively through our partnership with ATS International. These patented Breakbulk Boxxes™ offer you increased security and improved convenience when shipping your non-containerized cargo. This valuable innovation is supported by turnkey customer service options that include our next-generation web portal and a new mobile app.

Experience the TOTE Maritime/ATS difference.

Delivering Security, Efficiency, and Peace of Mind

The exclusive partnership between TOTE Maritime and ATS International was a natural fit as both companies have spent decades offering infrastructure improvement, economic development and world-class transportation solutions to the people of Puerto Rico.

By implementing the Breakbulk Boxxes™ and 53’ Flat Rack transport systems from ATS International, TOTE Maritime is offering cutting-edge transportation options for the U.S./ Puerto Rico trade lane and continuing its mission to help rebuild Puerto Rico. These innovative equipment options allow companies that primarily ship freight requiring side loading and unloading to take advantage of the faster transit, increased security, and convenience of TOTE Maritime’s Lo/Lo service offering.

The 53’ Breakbulk Boxxes™ allow in-gauge breakbulk cargo to be loaded directly onto the container deck from any direction with the lid secured at the port, providing added security and weather integrity to the convenience of Lo/Lo container shipping. The 53’ Flat Racks offer new and more efficient shipping options to move in-gauge non-containerized cargo in a Lo/Lo environment.

53′ Breakbulk Boxxes™ 52’ x 7’5” x 7’10” 44,500 lbs.
53′ Flat Racks
52’ x 7’5” x 7’10” 48,000 lbs.*

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